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Our Programmes

Our programmes

Infrastructure Investment Planning and Oversight

National Infrastructure Plan 2050 that offers a strategic vision and plan for the country, promotes dynamism in infrastructure delivery, addresses institutional blockages and weaknesses and develops a prioritised national portfolio of catalytic projects and programmes designed to close the infrastructure investment gap.

Infrastructure Delivery Management and Governance

Development of comprehensive infrastructure project pipeline: governance, visibility, and transparent design in respect of project structuring, due diligence, quality assurance to build investor confidence and leverage private sector funding.

Infrastructure Investment Funding and Financing

Infrastructure Fund oversight, innovative funding instruments for public sector infrastructure projects and programmes, enhance role of private sector in the development and financing of catalytic infrastructure, Ease of Doing Business, and Investment Intelligence.

Infrastructure Project Pipeline Execution

Strategic Integrated Projects; Procurement, Contract Management Oversight, etc. Design standardisation, green technologies, and innovation.

Property, Land, Building Portfolio Management

Sustainability of government assets and infrastructure; Public Private Partnerships; Frequently Built Public Assets; Public land maximisation.

ISA Centre of Excellence

Authority on infrastructure research, forecasting and economic analysis. Programme also produces infrastructure indices, conducts socio-economic impact assessment and spatial analysis of infrastructure investment projects and pipeline.