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Attracting Quality Investment

Attracting Quality Investment

There is a clear need to coordinate both messaging and programming to actively attract high-growth sectors and enable the investment the private sector is willing to make on its own. This is directly linked to the socio-economic objectives of the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan (ERRP), which creates an enabling environment  for co-value creation through a government that creates the opportunity for developmental and catalytic conditions generated by quality investment. It is useful, in assessing the capacity of the state to execute this function to distinguish between various categories relevant to the coordination of the investment mandate:

Investment mobilisation includes the scope of activities relating to the identification of specific investors or classes of investors relevant to a specific sectoral or strategic objective and the deployment of targeted engagement to convince these investors to engage with – and invest – in South Africa

Investment promotion seeks to promote South Africa as an investible market, based on more transversal, systematic factors

Investor intelligence refers to activities which gather crucial information on what is driving investor intent (or the lack thereof) and what informs the nature and scope of potential investment decisions, subjecting this information to trend analysis and overlaying analyses of different sectors and geographies to drive a coherent strategy to inform investment mobilisation and investment promotion activities

Investment design references the process of financially and operationally structuring new investments, particularly relevant in a public policy context where co-investment or catalysation are required

Investment implementation covers all the processes and actions required to realise an investment in a country on the part of active participants in said processes (public and private).

Investment enabling entails the unblocking of intended investment through fast- tracking of existing processes and/or the creation of legislation.