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Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Specialist



Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Specialist

Closing Date:

06 October 2023

Contract Type:



60 Months

Job Purpose

The incumbent will be responsible to identify, develop, and support the implementation of public-private partnerships (PPPs) that leverage resources from the private sector to expand the delivery of infrastructure within South Africa through coordinating and supporting public sector entities. The Specialist will be someone with solid project finance experience on a number of projects in a number of sectors from a private sector financing perspective as well as experience in understanding the project risks to both public and private sector participants.

Main Responsibilities

  • Coordinate unblocking activities and provide technical support to public and private parties through the phases of the regulated PPP project cycle, unpacking policy and providing procedural clarity;
  • Keep abreast with the developments in the PPP framework and the regulatory environment, and position ISAs value-add in this context;
  • Draw on South African project experience and best international practice in providing guidance to government departments, provinces and municipalities seeking to develop and manage PPP projects
  • Advocating for the expansion of PPPs in South Africa through actively sourcing potential PPPs in the infrastructure space
  • Provide assistance to line departments in the preparation of initial project investment proposals for potential PPP projects, while cognisant of requirements to demonstrate affordability, value for money and optimised risk allocation;
  • Advise government departments and other government entities on feasibility studies required in order to demonstrate project viability
  • Advise on the appropriate financial structure for these projects based on a knowledge of the market‚Äôs ability to provide finance and bear risk
  • Ensure that government‚Äôs explicit and implicit fiscal obligations and risks are determined in the feasibility study stage and that these are communicated from a risk and debt management unit and managed appropriately. This includes guarantees and other instruments.
  • Analyse all financial models, both in the feasibility studies and in proposals submitted as part of the competitive bidding process to ensure that the projects are affordable, financially sound and sustainable with appropriate risk allocation
  • Contribute to the development of an ISA Information Repository in terms of developing a database of relevant legislative and regulatory material, global best practice and development of standardised contractual provisions and security documents
  • Contribute to the development of PPP Methodologies
  • Procure and brief external financial advisors as necessary
  • Work with the ISA Technical Support Office to ensure that the financing structure of projects are sound and the involvement of state financial institutions is appropriate;\
  • Provide assistance in the appointment of transaction advisors to assist in the project preparation feasibility study, ensuring that the study is of adequate quality for review;
  • Where relevant, provide assistance to the line departments with bidding processes as well as the negotiation and award of the PPP contract and contract management;
  • Compile progress reports on PPP projects receiving support from ISA and assist with unblocking challenges experienced
  • Conducting financial and economic analysis which needs to include the public sector‚Äôs fiscal capacity assessment, PPP risk analysis with PPP risk allocation matrix
  • Providing recommendations for the final implementation model based on evaluation of the results analysed
  • Related tasks as required by the Programme Manager


  • An Honours degree in Finance, Accounting, Actuarial Science, Economics or Engineering
  • Candidates should have at least a Masters‚Äô degree in a relevant subject (such as economics, finance, public policy, law or financial engineering)
  • A PPP Recognised Certification programme


  • A minimum of 7 years relevant experience, in infrastructure development and/or implementation, of which 3 years should be at the senior management level
  • Experience working in a project management environment
  • Experience in infrastructure project development and/or project appraisal
  • Experience in monitoring major infrastructure projects in implementation would be a distinct advantage
  • Familiarity with the applicable legislation, which includes (but not limited to) the Infrastructure Development Act, the Public Finance Management Act, the Municipal Finance Management Act, GIAMA, PPP Framework, Standards for Infrastructure Procurement and Delivery, etc.
  • Solid understanding of both South Africa and further international experience and understanding with respect to PPP project preparation, structuring, and transaction management, legal, policy, and institutional frameworks for PPPs and other forms of private participation in infrastructure, broader public investment and fiscal risk management.

Job Requirements

  • Ability to deal with a wide variety of stakeholders as a senior level
  • Technical competencies such as an understanding of private financing of infrastructure, knowledge and understanding of Regulation 16 to the PFMA, the National Treasury technical approvals process and the rigorous risk-assessment standards
  • Strategic, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Financial/business analysis skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Management skills ‚Äď including planning, leadership, coordination, and staffing