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High Value Infrastructure Investment Initiatives

High value infrastructure investment initiatives

The Cabinet approved (May 2020) the South African Infrastructure Investment Plan that sets out some of the mechanisms for the delivery of infrastructure including the High Value Infrastructure Initiatives. The recently formed Infrastructure South Africa (ISA) has been tasked by cabinet to incubate the five (5) High Value Infrastructure Investment Initiatives.

Elimination of schools with inappropriate infrastructure

Use of patented Biomass Insulating Concrete (BIC) considered to be Alternative Building Technology (ABT) material. Lead Departments: Basic Education (ASIDI & SAFE) and Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (Value Added Industries Programme)

Eradication of informal settlements

Expedite the rollout of the National Upgrading Support Programme, a programme of the Department of Human Settlements, focusing on 5 informal settlements in EC, GP, KZN and Gauteng Provinces

Water security intervention programme

Primary objective of the programmatic approach is to prepare projects, facilitate, and mobilise funding for the scaled implementation of water security projects, working in partnership with the Department of Water and Sanitation

Optimisation of State Property Portfolio

Government’s property, land and building asset base is a strategic resource that will be optimally utilised. ISA will explore, calibrate, and deploy new tools and innovations so as to enable efficiencies, value-for-money and increased public value to support other strategic government programmes such as the District Development Model

Proof of value

Concentration on human settlement and eduction infrastructure implementation piloted in the Eastern Cape