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ISA Technical Working Groups

ISA Technical Working Groups

The infrastructure investment projects appraisal and approval process within Infrastructure South Africa (ISA) is supported by eight (8) Technical Working Groups (TWGs). The work of the TWGs is aligned with ISA’s mandate of developing a credible pipeline of projects and – in collaboration with the Infrastructure Fund, as well as other infrastructure role-players – determining which projects and programmes can be suitable for either blended, commercial or fiscal funding. Through the SIDS Methodology process, these 8 TWGs provide support to the Infrastructure Investment Committee (IIC) and the Infrastructure Investments Review Committee (IIRC). The TWGs, as well as the IIC and IIRC, are also supported by the Development Partners Forum (DPF), which serves as an important platform for collective and coordinated support by Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) to South Africa’s infrastructure development agenda. The DPF will meet quarterly for ISA and the IIRC to seek independent perspectives from DFIs on infrastructure related issues. In supporting the work programme of Infrastructure South Africa, MDBs/DFIs have aligned in supporting the work of TWGs under ISA:

World Bank, French Development Agency, Development Bank of South Africa

KfW Development Bank, New Development Bank, Public Investment Corporation

African Development Bank, World Bank, New Development Bank

International Finance Corporation/World Bank, Public Investment Corporation

AfDB, Public Investment Corporation

Public Investment Corporation

New Development Bank, Public Investment Corporation

French Development Agency, KfW Development Bank, Public Investment Corporation

TWG Members

Additionally, these 8 TWG include members from Infrastructure South Africa (ISA); National Treasury (NT); Municipal Infrastructure Supporting Agent (MISA); South African Local Government Association (SALGA); and Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) to ensure fair representativity from stakeholders within the infrastructure development sector.

The work of the TWGs is aimed at ensuring that: 

  • Due focus is paid on the provisioning of infrastructure as part of the National Infrastructure Plans and in pursuit of the Bill of Rights, in line with the applicable Constitutional Mandates; 
  • Implementation of infrastructure is carefully planned and implemented in a sustainable manner; 
  • Implementation is co-ordinated, integrated, systematic, and regionally prioritised; 
  • Infrastructure is meaningful and effectively aligned to the specified mandates; 
  • Implementation is cost-effective, enabling meaningful return on investment. 


In carrying out activities, the TWGs are guided by the Charter for TWGs. The support provided to project sponsors by the TWG include:

  • Assessing projects utilising the SIDS methodology in an effort to ensure that the projects are eligible for fiscal funding;
  • Developing a credible project pipeline with “shovel ready” projects that can be redirected to other government institutions for funding;
  • Assisting project sponsors with regulatory and authorisations unblocking, together with intergovernmental relations;
  • Providing project sponsors with access to technical expertise that will assist with project/programme planning and preparation;
  • Advising project sponsors on procurement options to accelerate delivery, optimising developmental impact and enhancing secondary objectives.


The TWGs also provide support for projects that can be, or are, designated as Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs) for the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission as per the Infrastructure Development Act of 2014. The current threshold for projects or programmes to be considered by ISA is R1bn; however, if a municipality has a regional catalytic renewable energy project that is below the R1bn threshold it can be included in the respective ISA renewable energy programme for municipalities.