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Rural Infrastructure – Agri-Parks National Programme


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The Agri-parks initiative supports rural enterprises, develops rural industries and facilitates the efficient movement of rural produce to markets. The initiative develops networked systems of agro-production, processing, logistics, marketing, training and extension services in district municipalities and developments on underused land. Each Agri-park supports smallholder farmers by providing capacity-building, mentorship, farm infrastructure, extension services, and production and mechanisation inputs. Smallholder farmers own 70% of an Agri-park, while the remainder is owned by government and commercial farmers. Aim is to kick start the Rural Economic Transformation for all district municipalities in South Africa (9 Agri-Parks are targeted, each per province). Promote growth of the smallholder sector by contributing to the 300 000 new small-scale producers, as well as to the 145 000 new jobs in agro-processing by the year 2030 (as set out in the NDP).

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Department of Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD), African Development Bank (AfDB )

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