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SA Connect (Phase 2)


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SA Connect is National wide government broadband connectivity project aimed at connecting government facilities (Schools, clinics, Thusong centre etc.) Due to scale and complexity the programme was divided into two phases dubbed Phase 1 and Phase ]2. Phase 1 is regarded as a pilot and immediately executable through procurement of broadband services (e.g. 10Mbps) and was planned to rollout broadband connectivity to the identified 6135 government facilities. Phase 2 will follow a hybrid implementation model to connect in excess of 38000 government facilities with broadband.

In 2018 the implementation of Phase 1 commenced in the 8 district municipalities identified despite significantly reduced scope of 970 government facilities. The reduction in scope from 6135 to 970 government facilities was due to 2017 budget cuts by National Treasury, in line with Government’s expenditure as approved by Cabinet. National Treasury subsequently recommended that the 970 government facilities constitute Phase 1, which has subsequently been completed and later renamed to Phase 1a.

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Department Of Communications and Digital Technologies

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