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Salvokop Precinct Project


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The Salvokop Project is located within Region 3 of the City of Tshwane Metro (spreads over a range of 376km²), specifically Pretoria inner city, in order to achieve the vibrant mix of activities including residential, office, commercial, retail, recreational, and services with the core lending it to be a government precinct in the city.

The Salvokop Precinct offers a feasible concept that will complement and enhance the greater Pretoria Inner City offering. The objective of the Salvokop precinct development is to ultimately create a 24-hour integrated mixed use live-work-play environment that is part of the integrated community infrastructure in an urban setting and is part of the Tshwane Inner City Regeneration Programme.

The Project consist of the following significant phases:

  • Phase 1 – Installation of Bulk and internal infrastructure currently in construction. To be followed by the development of the pedestrian bridge, and construction of the x4 PPP Head Offices for National Government departments.
  • Phase 2 – Private sector developer investments, Business 1 erven
  • Phase 3 – Integrated mixed typology residential component


There will be five National Government client departments permanently accommodated within this mixed-use precinct: StatsSA (completed in 2016), DHA, DCS, DSD, SASSA & NDA, DHET.

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