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Governance Structure

ISA Governance

The Infrastructure Investment Committee (IIC)

Infrastructure South Africa (ISA) is headed (acting) by Ms Mameetse Masemola and is governed under the executive authority of the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI), South Africa. The top governance structure within ISA is the Infrastructure Investment Committee (IIC), chaired by the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure. The IIC monitors progress of the ISA Portfolio and Infrastructure Fund, as well as reviews SIPs for submission and approval by the PICC, chaired by the President of the Republic of South Africa. The IIC assesses the alignment of proposed projects with the National Infrastructure Plan 2050 and with the SIDS Methodology.

The IIC is composed of:

  • The Minister, as Chairperson;
  • Head: Infrastructure South Africa
  • Director-General: National Treasury
  • Director-General: Department of Trade, Industry and Competition
  • Director General: Department of Public Enterprises
  • Municipal Infrastructure Support Agent (MISA) CEO
  • Four private sector representatives as follows:
    • A representative from the Banking Association of South Africa;
    • A representative from BATSETA (Council of Retirement Funds for South Africa);
    • A representative from ASISA (Association for Savings & Investment South Africa);

The Infrastructure Investments Review Committee (IIRC)

Reporting to the IIC is the Infrastructure Investments Review Committee (IIRC), chaired by the Head of ISA. The IIRC formulates and recommends Infrastructure Prioritisation Frameworks, approves and monitors ISA Programmes and Projects, recommends projects for funding, gazetting and unblocking of public sector approval processes and policies, in support of Private Sector Business cases. The IIRC ensures that the development goals of the state are promoted through infrastructure development.

The IIRC is composed of:

  • Head of ISA, as Chairperson
  • Four ISA DPW DDG’s
  • National Treasury
  • DTIC Chief Economist
  • Banking Sector Secondee/s
  • Academic Economist/s
  • Others, as appointed by the Chairperson

The Technical Working Groups (TWGs)

ISA Technical Working Groups (TWGs) chaired by the Development Finance Institutions (DFI’s) and SOC’s are responsible for the recommendation of sector projects for prioritisation. Currently, the TWGs are divided into eight sectors, namely: Energy, Water, Transport, Digital, Human Settlements, Agriculture, Social Infrastructure and Municipal Infrastructure Financing.

In addition to the Chairs, the TWG’s are composed of:

  • Convenors – Contractors/Secondees
  • Secretariat – ISA staff
  • National Policy Departments
  • National Treasury
  • Development Finance Institutions
  • Multi-lateral Development Banks